Charles Laser

Charles Laser is a true oil wildcatter—an independent oil and gas explorer—who’s been working in the oil industry for over 40 years. President of Laser Exploration, Inc., an oil and gas exploration company based in Florida, Laser graduated from West Branch High School in West Branch, Michigan in 1952. He attended Michigan Technological University for two years and then spent another two years in the United States Army when he was honorably discharged in 1958.

After a brief stint in law enforcement and private retail investigations, he moved to California where he became the Finance Director of the Republican Party. Upon his return to Michigan, he opened up a Bay City sign company before accepting a position as Executive Vice President of Vindell Petroleum in Michigan. After that he was appointed Executive Vice President of the GeoSpectra Corporation from 1976 through 1984, a leading geological-sensing company that works with all the major oil companies worldwide.

An active community member, Laser has participated in national and community politics, having previously served as the Executive Director of both the Saginaw County, Michigan and Washington, D.C. Republican Parties. Laser was formerly chair of Senator Connie Mack’s Palm Beach Round Table, is an active member in Toastmaster’s and was appointed to the Board of Governors for Northwood University in 1997. Laser has received two honorary doctorate degrees, a Doctor of Law and Doctor of Divinity.

Laser formed his own company, Laser Exploration, Inc. in 1974 in Deerfield Beach, Florida and managed it while working for GeoSpectra. His company conducts oil and gas exploration across the United States, as well as buys and sells land leases. Laser’s company has operations in Wyoming and Michigan, where the company owns several wells. Laser’s oil and gas explorations have taken him to Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Colorado, Montana and more recently, Nevada. In 2006, Laser was named as a member of the Advisory Board for the Victory Capital Holdings Corporation, a publicly-traded company dedicated to energy technologies, based out of Nevada.

After being appointed to the Victory Capital Holdings Corporation Advisory Board, Laser had this to say: “I am most pleased to be part of Victory’s Advisory Team. Victory is becoming a substantial and successful oil and gas company, due to its goal orientation and selective prospect development in a growing market. Most important is Victory’s honest character and dedication to create wealth and add value for its stockholders in the expanding energy markets, where added energy is crucial for the United States economy.”

During his career, Laser has acquired more than 400,000 acres of gas and oil leases across the United States. He’s been involved with four discoveries and has consulted with oil companies across the globe. Laser has worked with companies such as Exxon, Chevron, AMOCO, ARCO, Texaco, Mobil and DeBeers. He was also a strategic negotiator in a multi-million oil deal with a Canadian company involving 15 oil wells.

Laser’s been noted and listed in the following publications: “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s, Who in Finance and Industry,” “Who’s Who in Science,” “Who’s Who in the South,” and “Who’s Who in the World.”

In 2004, Laser was interviewed by George Knapp, an investigative reporter for News 8 TV News in Las Vegas, regarding the oil potential and interest in Nevada. Laser thinks that Nevada holds some of the “greatest wealth in this country and the world.” He thinks Nevada is populated with several underground oil fields based upon his oil experience and the presence of “Chainman Shale,” a rock prevalent in Nevada and rich oil fields.

Laser said that another notable place where this beige rock is found is the Middle East. Laser claims that Nevada “has the richest largest organic mature rock source” outside of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. He thinks that this Chainman Shale is proof of the oil present in Nevada. Several oil wells in Nevada’s Railroad Valley are still producing oil and have been for the last 30 years. Laser’s had a study underway in Nevada’s White River valley on 38,000 acres of land. He believes there’s at least 2 billion barrels hidden deep beneath the valley’s surface.

Laser is married to Glenda Laser, has one child and one grandchild and currently makes his home in Florida. To read more about Laser and gas and oil exploration, review the following links: