Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is noted for many contributions to society. When we think of the name alone, the first thing that come to mind in remembrance of him are the facts that he invented electricity and his experience with the kite; two inventions that are in use today, in the 21st century.  Ben Franklin is in history because of his contributions and his discoveries as a scientist. History remembers him for his political activism, helping to create the Declaration of Independence and putting his signature on it.

The Life of Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. His parents were Josiah and Abiah Franklin. Benjamin was not an only child, for he came from a large family with 17 children. By the time Benjamin was born, he was the 10th child of Josiah. His father supported his family as a soap maker. Ben Franklin was always a hard worker and very determined. He was a thinker. His first job began at the age of 12, at this age, he was helping to create pamphlets, which he wrote and typeset. After the task of setting up the advertisement of products advertised in the booklet, he went to the streets and sold the products. This action shows him as a diligent salesman, even before becoming a teenager.

At the age of 15, reading and writing became a strong passion that gave him the desire to want to write for his brother’s newspaper, The New England Courant. However, his older brother did not feel that Benjamin was ready for such a big responsibility since he was considered only to be an apprentice. That decision did not stop the determination in young Franklin, for he decided to write for the paper anonymously, under the guise of a female writer named Silence Dogwood. Under the assumed name, he wrote letters and delivered them secretly to his brother’s newspaper. Once the secret was out about the commentator of the letters, the fifteen year old became very popular among the readers of the newspaper, because they who looked forward to reading articles written by Silence Dogwood aka Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin was many things during his lifetime. We know him as a journalist, an inventor, a politician and he was a diplomat. With all these titles listed next to his name, there is yet another title that gives recognition of his accomplishments. For you see, Benjamin Franklin was also an economist who believed that land and agriculture goes hand in hand when it comes to increasing the wealth of a nation.

As a scientist, Franklin used life and his surroundings as a research lab, teaching himself of things he did not understand. His name goes down in history because of his experimenting with the whys, hows and the what -ifs of things that presented themselves to him as a mystery or a problem. With Ben Franklin, nothing was off limits. When there was an opportunity to discover and learn, he unlocked what was hidden and experimented with it and bringing about results and answers.

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